The CFU Standings are based on 4 levels of criteria, each with their own sub-levels. The 4 criteria are as follow:

-CFU Club Championship (10)
-National Championships (15)
-CONCACAF Champions Cup (5)
-CONCACAF Champions League (20)

The other sub criteria are explained in the tables. Each appearance on the CFU, and CONCACAF levels equals a basic point, whereas attaining the championship of such event like the CFU Championship consists of an adding of extra points for the acheivement. Also reaching the Concachampions Group Stage merits a higher quantity of points due to the level of dificulty of said competition. If any CFU team where to become the CCL champion another set of points would be created and added there to.


This list will come out every certain amount of time, but will always come out no matter what on January, and August.



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