Sunday  10 April 2011
Gianfranco Alvarez-Dunn | FBNET
Carolina – In the Roberto Clemente Walker Stadium Sevilla FC tied 1-1 against PR United who scored in the 90th minute to take one point from the Sevillians and taking advantage of this double fixture match. In a match that didn’t have to much emotions Sevilla’s  Alain Gustave opened the scoreboard in the 66th minute but before the referee ended the game “Pito” Ramos scored thanks to great cross by Mauricio Turizo.
Under a clear sky night PR United wanted to start in the right track on their debut in the United Soccer League (USL) because they already played in the Puerto Rico Soccer League (PRSL) beating Mayaguez 1-0. Sevilla on the other hand tied 2-2 with River Plate PR on their debut. The match started off at a slow pace but as the minutes went by Sevilla was the more dominant force, although United had a few dangerous counter attacks. The most exciting part in the first half was through the 20th and 30th minute of play when both teams were showing good attacks but nothing much.
The first half ended with both teams still unable to best the other.

Sevilla dominatedg the first minutes of the second half but United goalkeeper, Jose Miranda, showed skilful saves. At the 66th minute, and in a doubtful play, Sevilla’s Alain Gustave headed  on what seemed to be offside position, but not according to the referee, scored the opener and to many the only goal from the game. Sevilla had a few more chances to widen the margin but was unable to capitalize on its chances. 

With only one or two minutes left to play, a free kick found “Pito” Ramos’ head, and United tied the game for a 1-1 final scored.

This match was important for United, not only for the points, but for moral reasons. United has never beaten Sevilla, and in fact this is the first point that United has taken from them. The match had three yellow cards all for United players and great performance by United goalkeeper Jose Miranda. United will receive L.A. on their next fixture for the USL.



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