The 24th Minutes

I’m happy to report that no new groups emerged with plans to start a Division 2 pro league in Canada or the United States during my four day working holiday.

However, lots happened in the ongoing mess between the two groups looking to operate in 2010.

Inside Minnesota Soccer continues to be the leading source on the dispute. Go over and read his update.

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Then take a nap.

I do find the USL’s apparent courting of two other Puerto Rican teams to be interesting. It’s unclear what Ponce River Plate and Sevilla FC-Puerto Rico provide USL-1 from a sporting perspective. If anything, having three teams on the Island would just weaken all three (although if they made up nearly half the USL-1…). You can’t blame Ponce River Plate or Sevilla FC-Puerto Rico for taking note, however. What would they have to lose from talking to the USL? It’s not like the Puerto Rico league won’t have them back after they play footsie with the «big» U.S. league for a while.

What is surprising is that the Islanders apparently had no idea that USL was talking to the clubs. That doesn’t seem to be the most brilliant plan by the USL — pissing off one of its four clubs.

Meanwhile those in the know are suggesting that the USSF might make some kind of statement this week regarding the possible sanctioning of the NASL. Apparently the USSF has the ability to sanction up to four division two leagues, so it is possible that both leagues could operate in 2010. It doesn’t seem likely, or smart, but it is possible.

Regardless, let’s hope the USSF does give us some kind of direction. If memory serves, the Christian faith has some sort of celebration planned for the end of the month that tends to shut things down for a while. If there is no word from the USSF by the start of next week, we are probably looking at a mid-January decision. And that doesn’t leave the NASL clubs long to get things going (or to figure out their plan Bs if the answer is «no»).



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