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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Before any product is launched, a strategy for how that product is going to be marketed to potential customers is essential for any business to succeed.


For River Plate Puerto Rico, which last week joined USL PRO, finding out how to attract fans for the 2011 season has been an endeavor they have undertaken with marketing firm Kreative Marketing & Consulting Services. In a recent story in Carribean Business the company’s principals told writer Cynthia Colon how the two were working to allow River Plate to gain a foothold in the market.

“Many local ad agencies focus only on advertising and do not know or do not practice the investigation phase, which is the basis of marketing,” Liliana Cubano Calderon, a partner at Kreative Marketing, said. “If you don’t have the necessary preparation, some may start with the visual aspects and forget what the results and goals are, steps that should have been taken before the visual.”

In operation for more than nine years, Kreative Marketing will bring its unique creativity to help River Plate as it has past clients.

“One of our strengths is that we work on a project from its beginnings,” Elizabeth Cardona, another partner, told Carribbean Business. “When we started working with River Plate, the first thing we did was research to fully understand the pros and cons of what strategies to use or not to use.

“One mistake that ad agencies make is not considering their clients’ competition. That is the first step that should be taken when conducting market research – find out what the competition is doing: What they are doing well and what they are doing wrong.”

River Plate, which also holds a partnership with the famed Argentine club of the same name, is certainly excited to have Kreative Marketing on board.

“We are very pleased with this addition to our team,” Team President Steven Alvarez said. “Kreative Marketing is an agency with a lot of creativity and talent that will be responsible for managing the growth of the club. I am sure its contribution will be significant.”

With an estimated advertising budget of $1.35 million, the club expects to be able to grow the sport and produce new talent from Puerto Rico. Among the projects the club is involved in is the transfer of the team from its current location at Francisco Montaner Stadium in Ponce to Sixto Escobar Stadium in Puerta de Tierra where it will play its games in USL PRO.

The club is also planning soccer clinics that will target various schools in San Juan, a technique that produced good results in Ponce when it came to creating club loyalty.

“The stadium will be ready to promote the lifestyle of the team in January,” Cubano Calderon told Carribean Business. “It’s not just about River Plate. It’s about all that surrounds it and about providing an different experience during a game.”



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