By: BoriQa | March 17th, 2009

Dismissed at first by many, tonight the Puerto Rico Islanders will represent the USL and the rest of the non-Mexican CONCACAF world, in the Champions League’s top four group, when they face Cruz Azul in the 1st leg of their semifinal match at Juan Ramón Loubriel stadium in Bayamón.

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The Islanders must be doing something right! It is no accident that they have reached this far

The Puerto Rican team does not respect the history, nobility or titles of their opponents when they meet them at the Loubriel. On the field both teams are on equal terms. The Islanders fear no-one, and have nothing to lose at this stage. They play with a lot of heart!

Champion after champion has steped onto the field in Bayamón being the clear soccer world’s favorites to defeat and exterminate the boricuas; but have yet to get that precious crest, “The Islanders’ Kill” insignia.

The Chupacabras (goat sucker), a misterious local Sasquatch that prowls the island, will be in an orange disguise and will be present at the event tonight, looking to deal the infamous Blue Hare, the same fate as the (Honduran) Green Monster’s in Puerto Rico.

Another (former) famous champion is going down tonight…