Posted by Jeff Di Veronica | Democrat and Chronicle • December 6, 2009

Rhinos owner Rob Clark just told me that there was no compromise reached at today’s meeting in the New York area that involved representatives from the USL, new NASL and the United States Soccer Federation.

“I know people were hoping for some sort of magic, but there was no magic,” Clark said. “There’s really not much to talk about. No compromise was reached. The NASL is moving forward with the application process and we’ll see what happens.”

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Clark was not at the meetings. He said he was brought “up to speed,” via phone calls from NASL reps that were there. He said three people on the NASL Board of Governors were there, but did not want to specify who they were. He said he was not there because “there would just be too many people.” He made a point to say that reps from the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) were not there.

What does this all mean? Well, not much. This is all still in the hands of the USSF and right now I’m tired of speculating. I just hope the USSF makes a swift and decisive decision and I think that very well could be that the NASL gets sanctioned as a second-division league and the USL will be third division and lower. When I asked Clark what type of compromise the USSF proposed, he declined comment.