Devo’s Direct Kicks

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rhinos owner Rob Clark was among the USL owners that were in favor of bringing the shootout back to try to settle ties. But unfortunately there remain too many small-minded people in this league. Put to a vote, it was defeated at the recent league meetings.

As Clark told me on Monday, «We’re in the entertainment business!» He doesn’t get it. I don’t get it. I hate writing about ties. I’m sure you hate leaving the stadium with nothing settled after a tie. Why not add a tiebreaker that is exciting and showcases a players’ skills and a goalie’s decision-making and nerves?

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Are there still truly that many purists in the USL?
CLEVELAND ROCKS: Don’t believe the bunk you read from fans on this blog. Cleveland will be in the USL-1 next spring. Period. End of story.
DOLLAR AND A DREAM: As the story goes, Atlanta has sold the rights to forward Mac Kandji to the Carolina RailHawks for $1.

Atlanta has announced it will not play in 2009. Its players are about to become free agents, if they aren’t already. Kandji, who was loaned to the New York Red Bulls (MLS), late in the season will play for Carolina or be sold. He’s a dynamic, high-scoring forward and fun to watch.

Does it raise eyebrows that Atlanta owner Boris Jerkunica also has an ownership stake in Carolina? Yes. But before anyone starts throwing stones, consider that a) The transaction was legal; b) Would you have complained in 2007 had the Rhinos acquired a Carolina player when the former Rhinos owners had a stake in Carolina?